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About Us

That amazing feeling of a new baby at home, the cooing-n-gurgling and the baby smells. It does make all the pain worthwhile… doesn’t it? But as all new parents eventually come to realise, the party has just begun. Caring for the baby and ensuring that you settle the little one comfortably in your home is a difficult and time-consuming task. Days and nights merge into one and the word ‘busy’ becomes an understatement. And that’s exactly where we at ‘Busy Knots’ step in and partner you and your family at this crucial, emotionally charged and hectic phase of life. We at Busy Knots realise how important it is for you to provide the best to your bundle of joy. Keeping that in mind Busy Knots offers Nursery Decor design themes - a convenient one stop solution for premium crocheted nursery products like toys, rugs, baskets and much more. Every Busy Knots product is handcrafted in an exquisite design that is aesthetically pleasing and of premium quality. Not only that, our products are safe and eco-friendly - just what you would want for your little one.
But that’s not all. Even when your baby starts those vital formative years, we continue to play a meaningful role. Our innovative products will make your munchkins smile. Safe and creative, they will tickle their imaginations and provide everlasting fun. Busy Knots also prides itself on the fact that these exclusive crocheted products are both sustainable and indigenous. Each design is an investment in joy, to be cherished for generations. 
Busy Knots has been conceptualised and nurtured by Radhika Prakash, a sculptor and a museologist by profession but more importantly a conscious mother at heart. This is an honest attempt on her part to share her love and experience in welcoming your angel and making his/her stay comfortable at your home... and in your heart.